By FotoAlex

Bruno and Amelia

The new dog and a rare appearance by the cat. Amelia is shy and seldom in the open.

I had a Zoom meeting with a friend and 30-something other people who all knew my friend but not me. It was strange. I was working too, so most of it was just noise in the background.

My friend works at The New York Times and lives in Brooklyn. She had some co-workers on the gathering, and they were discussing starting a betting pool as to when the office would reopen. I don't know why, but it made me really sad and feel sorry for myself. These people work for a great news organization and live in the biggest, most important city in the country. Meanwhile my company had more layoffs today (not in my division), my job feels useless, and I live in a nothing town.

Today's movie was "Wings," which is from 1927 and was the first winner of what is now known as the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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