David J. Rose

By djrose007

ANZAC and New Light

25 April 2020 ANZAC Day - We, the RBL Riders, would normally be down at Leighterton village to attend the ANZAC day parade and service. I blipped this in previous years so won't go into great detail. Obviously it's not happening today but we can remember the huge sacrifice that the Australian and New Zealand forces made during both world wars, particularly at Gallipoli, but of course they also fought in Vietnam and other theatres of war.
The other two photos are;
Top - my old standard headlight on the Harley Sportster. You can see it is quite bright but only in a direct line.
Bottom - the new LED Headlight which, as you can see, give a nice white light and spreads out a lot more lighting the road ahead much clearer.
Both are shown with the dipped headlight (no Blue warning light on the instrument cluster).

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