One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Maybe they had a maximum number of characters they could use. 
Hopefully the flock will derive some semblance of support and empathy from the choice of font or the colour scheme used (yellow and black, cuddly like a hornet). 

Elsewhere the internet and all other media seem to be preoccupied with only one entity... Bad move. 
I have a little template comment that I insert before quickly switching off:

Just a thought.
Social media publicity is what made the first election of the Orange Monstrosity possible. Let's learn from past mistakes. Let's cut the supply of oxygen that feeds his bonfire of undeserved global attention. Any joke about him, any den
unciation of his latest publicity stunts keeps the brand alive. Let's slowly suffocate the brand. I hereby declare that between now and October, I will not post or share Orange Monstrosity jokes or condemnations of his person, his hair, his stupidity. I will not like posts that laugh at him or condemn him.
Please share. Without mentioning him. Without photographs.
And let's begin to actively ignore that cancer.

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