By Saffi


of Super Mario alias the postman.  These outfits are never ending but he has the day off tomorrow and will wear more on Monday!

T came with my prescription and a couple of M&S dishes  from our M&S shop at the garage to cook over the w/e to give me a break!!

Met C on my walk who said a friend of theirs had died suddenly from the virus - he did have underlying  health problems - but how did he catch it......
S came by from the village with her dog and we sat in the garden at a distance.  Her mother had died with old age problems and she was unable to go to the cremation some distance from here.  She seemed OK this afternoon.

I am now working out someone's family tree which I enjoy and which gives me something to do when I am at a loss.  

Another hot day in the garden. The contracted drill for the maize arrived this afternoon so we shall need a little rain which we may get next week to help the seed on its way.  The field beans are now coming into flower but  T said they are being eaten by beetle.

Extra photo: field beans

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