Start of another week in lockdown.

Yesterday morning I was lying in bed listening to the Dawn chorus around 5.30am, it was so beautiful in the still air.
No traffic noise, and no planes coming in to land at Birmingham airport, which is around a 25 minute drive from us.
It was relaxing.
Then just before 6.00am I heard the unmistakable sound of a cuckoo! I was so excited as it has been several years, and then some, since I last heard one in our neck of the woods, so to speak.
It’s repeated call sounding out so clearly. It took me back to the fields and hills of my birthplace in Rossendale, Lancashire, where each spring the cuckoo was a regular visitor which made me feel that at long last spring was well under way.
He called from the woods which were filled with bluebells.
We used to go and gather them and bring them home to stand them in jam jars of water on the windowsill.
Funny how a sound can trigger so many memories.
I wondered how far he had travelled in his journey.
Last evening we once again joined in a Virtual Pub Quiz, enlisting the help of our son and daughter-in-law. We did much better this time with their help!
Until they had to sort out one of the children who had got up, having been sick, and Bonnie, 1, who had sat up in her cot and was crying!
It rather curtailed their involvement! They were disappointed, but that’s life with 4 children.
There will be a next time.
During the afternoon I was weeding and sorting out the garden just behind the shed, which Stephen was tidying and getting rid of several old unused items we’d forgotten about. How long it will stay like that remains to be seen.
The scent of the apple blossom by the summerhouse and shed was glorious in the afternoon sun. Hardly any wind.
Today I took some photos around 6.30am and after breakfast we had “virtual church” by Birmingham Vineyard at 10.00am.
Now I’m letting Sunday lunch settle before weeding in the borders and feeding the roses.
On the hedgehog front, there are definitely two regulars, and the big bossy one hasn’t yet returned again.
The trail camera has also caught the fox passing through a couple of times.
The weather feels as if it is changing today. So we are making the most of being out here while it lasts.
The photos are the ones I took this morning. The clematis is in next door’s garden and is lovely just now.
And we can hear the bluetits rebuilding their nest in the bird box attached to the back of the summerhouse. As we sit here there is a tapping as they put each bit in place.

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