By Allaboutus

Afternoon walk

I had a few hours at the allotment in the morning, I put in a few more seeds, picked out some weeds and did a bit of watering… generally just pottering.  
Later in the afternoon we went to Buxted Park for a walk and it was lovely to see so many bluebells and wild garlic.  A few people were around and some not very good at the whole distancing thing and controlling their dogs. Anyway that aside, it was lovely to see all the spring flowers and enjoy the sunshine.
Back home we sat in the garden for a while, the weather is set to change and while I am happy that everything will get a much needed water; it has been nice enjoying the sunshine. During April we have only had a total just over 5mm of rain, so everywhere is very dry and cracked (the joy of clay soil).
Lockdown goes on, we miss just being able to go places and do things.  Nothing specific, just things.

See extras for a few more of Buxted Park and the allotment.

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