Glowing maple leaves ...

..... outside the front door. Such a vibrant scarlet joy for everyone. We’d been having heavy rain overnight.

I did go out for a while later this afternoon, talking with a Christchurch friend while I walked. He’s planning to go kayaking on Wednesday with our Wednesday Paddlers group. They’ll all be delighted to get back on the water - but keeping close to shore, as per Govt restrictions.

Level 4 stops tonight at 11:59pm and we move to Level 3. This Level is for opening up businesses, but not for opening up social opportunities.

PM Jacinda Ardern & DirGeneral of Health both emphasised the need for us all to remain vigilant, or even increase it.

Our Covid-19 infection rates remain steady.

Total cases - as per an adjustment with the WHO - 1469
Our total case count includes both confirmed & probable cases. The rate which is comparable to other countries is 1,122.
New cases yesterday; 5
Hospital; 7 ICU; 1
Deaths; 1. (18) = 19
Recovered; 1180 - 80% of cases

There is no widespread community transmission. All new cases can be traced to existing clusters.

We are at gold standard testing now.

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