By seizetheday

Morning reflections...

...on a pot. A very nice pot, mind you - terracotta at the bottom, with a blue glaze at the top. I've blipped the plant before, when it was but a fraction of the size it is now - it's grown at a rate of knots since it was repotted a few weeks ago. And becoming more unruly by the day!

Took a while to get going after a night punctuated by nightmares and flashbacks. Some morning yoga helped a bit, after which I set to work and made a huge pot of French lentil soup. Time-consuming but worth it - enough for today's lunch, and eight generous portions in the freezer.

Pottering, mostly re-potting, in the 'yard in the afternoon, then more cooking - shepherd's pie for our evening meal. 

A couple of family phone calls in the evening, followed by the last two episodes of Twin on catchup, accompanied by a wee dram or two.
And the day was gone...

Lockdown, day 34

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