By Ingeborg

Orange faceless selfie

It's the Dutch National Street Party Day or King's Day, the celebration of the King's birthday and normally the streets would be full of people clad in orange having a garage sale wherever they can as it's traditionally free market day and many would be partying all day. The king and family would be visiting one city shaking countless hands, having endless welfies done with the public and taking part in games and quizzes. Obviously not so today in Corona Lockdown times. There is some live  footage from his home palace today, there was a collective singing of the national anthem at 10 am, either at home or in the garden, a short speech from the king amidst his family and apparently we're all having a toast with him for his birthday at 4 pm ( ... normally that's teatime in our house , but we'll happily have another drink with the rest of the country ;-)) I'm wearing my orange flower scarf and am still wondering if we'll have pumpkin mash for dinner tonight, since I do have 3/4 of a pumpkin left.

Anyway, here's an orange mono silhouette shadow selfie for today's MonoMonday theme of 'faceless selfie' with thanks to Trisharooni for hosting in April !

Thanks very much for your kind comments, stars and even a heart for yesterday's capricious branch and the AT252 results :-)

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