Monday night-wrenching night

Finally again. The lockdown and the last project abroad prevented me from working on the R100s for the past few weeks. We have now made arrangements and split the time in the workshop, so everyone can still work on their bike(s), just not all on the same day. The workshop was empty when arrived.

Three weeks ago I made two digital mockups, one with an extremely short tail and one with a more normally looking but still 25cm shortened tail. The members in our WhatsApp group clearly favoured the slight longer version, and I agree.

Now it was time to get out the grinder and the welding machine. I made good progress on the rear, with the subframe shortened by 16cm of the front (see extra). The rear will be shortened further when the seatbase is ready. The top suspension mounts have also been moved forward significantly to allow for longer shocks with more lean.

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