By AnnieBelle

A watch in the junk drawer

At my place several drawers are junk drawers. They get that way, especially when we're expecting people (not lately of course) and I have to do that quick tidy, into a drawer stuff gets shoved.

I opened a draw in the sideboard and I came across this watch. In 2009, M worked in NZ for the year and without me to entertain or distract him, he needed a hobby so he started collecting and trading watches online. This one he assures me is a Rolex, circa 1920s. The band stretches (or did once) by tiny springs inside the links. I took it to my jeweller who can do many things but this was beyond him or beyond being worth the cost of restoration. I still love the rose gold and the octagonal shape.

To add interest to this blip, I put the watch on a piece of 1960s fabric I salvaged from my mother's house. It is from the Hoad company, and the design is Sayonara - gold print on shantung. It's a remnant from the curtains she made for what was then our new house. Hoad fabrics too are collectable and the company is still going.

The extra shows the back of the watch with nicely engraved initials.

Thanks for hosting MaryElizaR. Stay well all.

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