By RavensRoost

Wake Robin!

The robins are awake and busy with nest building while the trilliums grow in the hushed silence of the shadowed grove. 

Where The Trillium Grows

I love that spot where the Trillium peeks,
Deep in the wood, alongside the creek,
My favorite place in early spring,
Where the Trillium grows, inspiringly.

Where the Trillium grows, my soul refreshes,
Reminiscent of simple pleasures,
Uncomplicated, yet so exquisite,
She speaks to me on every visit,

Demure and delicate, unassuming grow,
A humble persistence, and hardiness though,
Well mannered and sweet, is the Trillium flower,
Modestly pretty, hour to hour,

An honor to walk where the Trillium grows,
Three white flowers right after snow,
How she survives crashing trees and wind,
I never tire of the Trillium trend.

My Trillium friend, not to deceive,
Returns each spring by the creek in the trees,
There will come a day when I won't be there,
Will she know I am gone as she lingers fair?

~ Doberluv

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