The Owl Babies 26/30

For the last few nights I could hear odd squeaking noises coming from the woods which surround our house. Clearly more than one creature, but coming from deep in the woods, so I didn’t fancy stumbling about in the dark or falling into a bramble patch.  Last night the noise had moved closer, so I took my camera with a 400mm lens to find three sets of eyes watching me from high up in a Scots pine tree.
It was pitch dark and my camera struggled to focus, but with one hand holding a torch and the camera in the other I was able to take a few good images.  I didn’t stay long as I had no wish to disturb this parliament of owls, but they watched me with no concern.
I’m sure that everyone can remember the Owl Babies children’s book:
Sarah, Percy and Bill waiting for their Owl Mother to return with “Mice and things that are nice”

The Owl Babies

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