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By ajt

Foreign rule

Today was a bit bitty at work, I did several things and got somethings done, but it wasn't neat and will be fun to allocate on my timesheet.

If left to my own devices I would accumulate stuff, my wife describes it as "my junk", and insists it's "clutter", "in her way" and various negative things, until it becomes useful to her.... I suspect we are all prone to do it to a lesser or greater extent. One man's rubbish is another man's gold... etc..!

For today's tiny Tuesday, I don't have a lot of junk to actually photograph. Having moved house recently all the stuff I had accumulated was disposed off as we had a long move to foreign parts and our new house is smaller so we knew things wouldn't fit in it or the the van to get it here.

Today's blip is therefore a stainless-steel ruler I found at work and took home when they closed us down. To be honest some people got actually useful bit of IT kit, but I got a 30 cm steel rule...! I don't actually use it much at all, but I couldn't part with it and I knew I'd be annoyed if I got rid of it it... So it lives in an office drawer along with random other things, like my SAP name badges, a shed load of lanyards for name bandges and 3 marbles....

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