simple moments

By simplemoments


...for the ‘all clear’

signal from mama - who was on high alert - as a dog had come - into view along the path

i had forgotten it was that time - when little yellow fluff balls - might be found - near the pond - it was all i could do - not to screech in delight - as there were several - other people around - admiring the tiny bundles - so i contained my inner child - snapping a few precious - photos while keeping - my distance from the others - many of whom were not - wearing masks and acting - like it was just an ordinary - outing to the park - at the same time - coughing and sneezing - i was doing silent eye rolls - at their stupidity - not to mention the risk - they were subjecting the rest - of us to - needless to say - i hightailed it out of there - cutting short my delightful - interface with said fluff balls

but just seeing them frolicking - about without any care - lifted my spirits - immensely and that made - it all worthwhile - enough even to declare it...


happy day.....

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