Windmills of my mind

Yesterday we had another shock to the system when something seemed to be wrong with the baby on top of everything else. During the echo scans at the OBGYN it was difficult to see all of the baby's spine ! Fumi was sent to the NUH to have an MRI done this morning and see another OBGYN there. Fortunately everything seems to be completely normal acording to the tests there, what a relief. But those poor kids, they're exhausted, I think, as this was a real blow after so much stress already.

I was however rather surprised that I refused to even consider that there was anything wrong. The mind went into 'none of that' mode and stayed there until we got the results in the middle of our night/sleep.

Time for me to go to battle with the authorities once more, as we do want a final word from them about the travel restrictions for Fumi.

Remember tomorrow's optional theme for Abstract Thursday is 'angles' and the tag will be AT253

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's Lego men and their tiny finds.

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