Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius

Parish Police Encounter - "Stop doing things!"

Decided to mow the fenced off part of the village green today, because the local toddlers play in it. Bottom right of pic has its entrance gate. Still recovering from a long term illness, have been doing too much recently, but felt compelled to do so with more rain forecast.

Anyway 5 minutes in a Parish Council Committee Member, took the trouble to park up and opened with the words "Rob will you just top doing things please"! In part it was to ask me to leave much of it for the wild flowers, which I intended to do anyway, even mowing round some upcoming daisies just breaking through the fallen blossom in a mowed part.

I chose not to mention his farmhands spraying the specially sown wild flowers with weed killer a few years back.

Anyway all cool ( hopefully) following our chat

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