By Ridgeback13


Dull and grey all day, so didn't bother with my morning walk and just got stuck into work...reading and commenting on drafts, sitting in video calls etc. Bit of a nothing day, although am enjoying having C on the team when things get tricky!
Nipped out for some milk in the afternoon...seemed a bit busier around in terms of people and cars....but otherwise just strapped to the desk chair all day. Realise my throat's not really been sore for a few days but only noticed because it got a bit scratchy again this evening.
Nice to get photo of AR showing her painted butterfly windchimes as a thank you (I keep sending them little activity kits and toys to break the monotony of being at home) and when I FaceTimed I saw Higgs flat out - apparently he spends a lot of time like that! (extra). AR loves him when he's sleepy, wrapping him up and stroking him, but she and Mx both leap out of his way when he starts running around looking for toes to nibble!

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