By Ogatodomar


Have been trying without success to buy a face mask for nearly six weeks now  I know my chic silk square is perfectly useless, but today the doorbell rang & there were two be-masked, uniformed St. Josse officials -  "Monsieur Evans?" "Oui c'est moi!" "Voilà - c'est votre masque!"...

"Wow - merci beaucoup!"

That's so sweet - the mask has obviously been cobbled together by local volunteers - it can be baked or boiled to render it re-usable...

Today Northlink Ferries reimbursed my cancelled return trip - Aberdeen to Kirkwall & back at the end of May - hope they keep their heads above water?

Today I had a long telephone conflab with the Orkney Mouse - got all the family news. Learned she ate the deep-frozen unclaimed bread I took for IanatCreel at Christmas time!

Today I got my lovely (extra) Tax Demand!

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