By PicturePoems

A Dozen Faces at the Gate

One, two, come and say moo!
Three, four, moo a bit more.
Five, six, moo for some pics.
Seven, eight, moo at the gate.
Nine, ten, moo once again.
Eleven, twelve,
say toodle-oo!
We'll see you tomorrow
when you can say

© CW 2020
A parody of the traditional nursery rhyme, One, two, buckle my shoe.

I thought all these calves were looking at the camera when I pressed the button, but most seem to be watching Mr PP as he begins to move off down the road.

Rain was forecast, but I don't remember any mention of the over-45mph winds we've endured all day. And the rain has actually only just returned after a wet start to the day that had cleared by 9.00am. In between, it's been dry, if cloudy, and we enjoyed our usual walk, largely sheltered by the high banks and hedges.

I then went to Lidl and Sainsbury's. First time I've driven for two months and the roads were, of course, mostly deserted. Hit a quiet time in the shops and got most of the things we needed. Also bought a bunch of tulips and a gardening magazine to cheer us/myself up. Not that we're too fed up, all things considered.

Did the ironing and vacuumed today, too. I think I'm enjoying an energy burst after sleeping better last night. Will it last, I wonder?!

The Extras I actually took on our walk last evening, when the late sunlight combined with the rain-threatening clouds to create lovely stripes on the sea, and a dramatic sky. Taken on full zoom.

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