It was forecast as a rainy day today so as it wasn't yet raining this morning l headed out before breakfast. I had my camera and lenses with me but on reaching my destination realised l had no memory card. I did have my phone though. I decided to take the inland route along the river towards Otterton and then cross over Clamour bridge a small pedestrian bridge. I saw only a few people by this point and it had started to rain. I continued back along the other side of the river meeting more people and their dogs as l got nearer to White Bridge. On the way l saw this particular tree with its many upward branches. For wide Wednesday hosted by rockarea with the theme of tree. Needless to say l arrived home pretty wet. The highlight of the walk was the lovely perfume from a pink flowering hedge plant l always forget the name of.

Otherwise a quiet day catching up on things. Camera club tonight with a zoom meeting with David Keep a sports photographer. It was very interesting although not my genre.

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