Pacific Northwest

This marvelous candelabra of a tree (an Elm perhaps?) is just a few blocks from Sue's house, at Lone Fir Cemetery. The lush fernage, the three squirrels (can you spot all three? like a game of Hidden Pictures), and the greenery in every direction are elements of what drew me to the Pacific Northwest when I retired. At that time Seth was in Tennessee, and I didn't know a soul in Portland, Oregon. I was dreaming of a cool, wet climate, gray skies and vacant benches, with time to be quiet and start again (as I have done so many times). It was one of the best decisions of my life. 

Extra is Sue's sister, RavensRoost, in the mask she made for herself, with a haircut her husband did for her while they were in solitary. We three went for a walk (practicing physical distancing) in Lone Fir Cemetery. Gradually restrictions are lifting. Stores are opening. We are a bit fearful of a spike in cases as people take a little less care, but we are remaining vigilant, watchful, and very careful.

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