Scattered Polaroids

By sp

This morning Matt finally shaved his beard off, and asked me to cut his hair too. We only have the beard trimmers so I finally psyched myself up for the first cut and then the battery died. I don’t think his nerves were helped by walking around with a huge chunk missing while we charged it.

Thankfully it went ok, I definitely won’t be pursuing a career in hairdressing any time soon though.

In the afternoon the sun came out, which is the opposite of what the forecast said. I made the most of it and had a walk. The park was absolutely heaving, so obviously everyone else had the same idea.

Bought some alcohol on the way home, so we could use our new blender to make frozen margaritas. They were delicious!

Cooked some dinner then it was time for my weekly quiz with the girls. It was my turn as quizmaster this week and I think they all enjoyed it. I did a round that was about us, which successfully proved that none of us know anything about each other, or ourselves (as proved by the round Whose Knees Are These in which everyone failed to identify their own legs).

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