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By dianafieldphoto

Oops missed my 365 project by 4 months...

So I totally forgot about my 365 project about 8 days into January...

Life - busy! I went to Los Angeles for 6 weeks in preparation for my next cruise contract which was due to be in Asia beginning March (which was the middle of the outbreak over there...) so they sent us home instead and postponed us until April in the hope it would have all blown over... but here we are, still in lockdown! Waiting until the cruise industry can get back to normal. :(

I'm going to try and catch up my photo journal, especially 2019 which is empty right now! I took nearly 15,000 photos last year on my travels and I'm only getting round to editing them now.

I post a lot more often on Instgram! :) @diana_field

Hope everyone is doing okay! xxx

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