Started the day with a longer than usual exercise set as I knew I'd otherwise be sitting still through a day of meetings. Just as well I did....otherwise I'd have probably only done about 100 steps all day!
All fine, and in fact included a very good meeting with key players that I work with which actually felt almost like we were in the room together - some sidebar jokes and teases, laughs and yet also lots got done. So much better than the big silent set piece ones I'm often in.
I had time at lunchtime to set off a big vat of ragu to cook slowly all afternoon (this is something I really miss doing when I'm in the office all the time....slow food preparation). I decanted some of it, added chillies, kidney beans and dark chocolate and roasted some sweet potato wedges and enjoyed a delicious dinner.
Heard from P that he's had a couple of falls this week....worrying. Will I be able to get him to go to the Doctors? doubt it....
Couple of nice chats with V at various points, then caught up on emails etc before ending for the day. Delighted that this week's National Theatre online is the Frankenstein that I went to see with K, A and O a few years back. It was brilliant....really looking forward to watching it at the weekend and would recommend it!

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