Tried to Sort out the Problems.

Today was my birthday - I'm not looking for celebrations and waving- it's a statement of fact which influenced my actions  later on in the day. 

My day was perfectly lovely - I awoke to cards, and gifts which had been received by post, or dropped off.  

Messages from family -  a conversation with Boy and J.   A enormous chocolate cake baked whilst i did my morning's work by Tooli.    A bottle of Wild Turkey from Himself.  Growing things from Tooli arrived in the second post.

French toast as Lunch of Choice from himself, and then back to work for the rest of the afternoon.   

At 1730, himself and i sat down to a meeting.   And this is why my birthday is important.  

Don't join committees - no matter how good your intentions are. 

Committees are formed by groups of people wanting to achieve a common goal, but are unable to agree anything at all. 

I lost an hour and twenty minutes to a meeting this evening which achieved nothing other than prove that council officials are idiots.  

We said black, they said white, we said shit, they said shite. 

Any other business.... 

"get yourself another committee member- I reisgn.  

Met with much laughing.   "No, i said, I'm serious.  I'm old enough not to have to sit here and listen to this crap. 

Evening made slightly better by mum arriving and dropping little gift off to go with the lovely flowers she sent me earlier in the week. 


I'm falling

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