Marking Time

By Libra

Walk around Dunblane

It's difficult to find something positive about the current lockdown but it has resulted in many of us getting to know our local neighbourhood better.

Technically Dublane is not my "local neighbourhood"- its a short drive up the road- but that is allowed under government rules provided one is going to walk longer than it takes to drive there.

So it was I explored the Allanwater in Dunblane this afternoon and discovered lovely walkways alongside the river.  What's more tthere was an air of optimism about the town with lots of people out walking with their chidlren and dogs and several small shops, greengocer, newsagent, geneal stores were open.

People were meticuous about social distancing and there seemed to be an unexpected friendliness with total strangers exchanging smiles and greetings.
This is not the Dunblane I knew. Long may it continue.

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