By Rosemarie55

May's first Visitor!

8°C  -  Feels like 7°C  -  6 mph SE Wind Speed  -  8mph Gusts  -  Cloudy.  Another dull day weatherwise.  Plenty of visitors to the garden though.  The Rabbit favoured the dandelion leaves, the Goldfinch (see my Extra) was making the most of the seeds fallen from the feedtray!   Also my lame Blackbird came for his daily meal  -  see Extra also  -  you can see an Aquilegia too on the right  -  I think it's going to be a white one!   Niece, Fiona, phoned this morning  -  lots to exchange even though we’re both in social isolation  -  life goes on:-)  I have just had another visitor  -  see the Yellowhammer added to my Extra!

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