Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Confinement, Day 45

viewed with a pinhole
my one tree through glass and rain
still formidable

A day of work (yay! keep coming!), ending in a video conversation with my parents during which I learnt that my mum's brother is in hospital, suspected to have been infected with the coronavirus. Except maybe not, although his symptoms are rather telling. But no. Or maybe yes, we'll have to do another test. Which proved inconclusive.

As I write this on Saturday afternoon (yes, I'm always lagging by a day or two), he's supposed to have been released from the Covid-19 ward, as they don't think that's what he had in the end. More tests to be done in two weeks. Until then, he'll be home. Strange, considering that some of the symptoms were rather severe. Oh well, he'll be looked after, and they're not far from the hospital...

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