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By HarlingDarling

Red May Day

Leek and potato soup in the main picture, more or less. Had to have some red in it as it's May Day and we have spent hours being political with the Left Party, see extra. A normal year would see many, many processions/demonstrations on this important workers' holiday, speeches galore and banners, placards, music, brass bands if you are lucky, and singing. This year it's different, it's digital, it's dynamic - and it was a lot more comfortable to be indoors as it is pouring down with rain (even snow at times) and is jolly cold. Keith cleaned all the windows the other day, so it's probably due to that.

We haven't done a lot more than be digital today. We had the political stuff going through the computer into the big TV for 2 hours, and we had a fire which you can see the reflection of in the big picture. I finished the angel embroidery whilst we listened. I cut the material (meant to be some sort of table runner I think) in the middle, and plan to mount the two pieces as pictures to give away to someone I already have in mind.

We sat there for another hour to listen to a live stream of a conversation organised by the Guardian with my new philosophical star, Mo Gawdat. He has such a soothing and loving way of reasoning and it was a very good hour, not least for a rainy day. (he doesn't watch horror movies ( why would you?) and hasn't looked at the news once since the current situation began, he can't change any of it so it is better not to fret. Neither have I, on both counts) I changed the bed linen (for red, of course) as I listened, being fed up of sitting on my behind! So that is something homely achieved today, a fresh bed and a load of washing, it's not hanging outside though.

We've been discussing actually planning our garden for the first time in the 3 decades we've lived here. It sounds like we've been very dozy, but the garden in northern Sweden is a half-time event at best, snow being the other half of the year. And actually the garden starts dying back by the end of August, and it only gets really going in June, after the frost stops happening. 2 intensive months of gardening, and not a lot of time for major earth works.... 

Anyhow, we are working on it now we have much more time, and the pandemic is going to keep us at home for the foreseeable. A fire pit, and two new decked areas. I wonder if we'll get it all done, but surely some of the ideas are manageable this year? We also have hopes for the path being scraped flat, lined against weeds and having gravel laid on it. That's getting a bit urgent to be honest, the grass is eating the path up! And then there's all the mould growing on the metal cladding, that started happening recently, as we began getting such damp, warm autumns. It come of with a bit of gentle encouragement and soapy water, but it's tricky to reach... 

So plenty of planning going on in my head on May Day, a bit of crochet, some embroidery, some domestic duties and no bookbinding at all. Weird!

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