My Mum!!

Our lockdown rules in Jersey have been eased from today, hurray!! We're allowed out for 4 hours instead of 2, and we're allowed to to visit friends and family as long as we continue to keep a 2 metre distance, and don't go inside each other's houses.

I haven't seen my Mum physically for 3 weeks, and so I popped down  and we sat in the garden drinking coffee and having a lovely chat. The sun was warm and it felt like a normal visit, apart from the fact we couldn't give each other a hug.  

If we all behave ourselves and there isn't a load of new infections, the lockdown  will be eased again in 2 weeks time. But and there has to be a but, if things get worse, more severe rules will be put in place. Fingers crossed everyone is sensible!

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