Or does it matter? I pass this every time I go up to Betty's. It's the frame round the window. The windows were all renovated (by me and the very capable Ylva who showed me how, and did some work for us) So they are just fine. I painted the white work, posts and these frames, when I first took over the house, but this one obviously got totally missed. It has only decorative significance, being nailed straight onto the wooden boards of the outer layer of the cabin. Which we assume to be solid timber, by looking at the roof and the walls we can see up there.

So I think the renovation of this particular plank will be low on the list of priorities for some time! Replacing rotting planks is much higher up the agenda. I think it's quite beautiful to look at anyhow. It scratches if you rub up against it, so it has quite a strong opinion of its own.

We did another long yoga session this morning, and since it's the same series we did last January we can feel pleased that both of us manage everything much more smoothly and strongly than then. Practice, in particular daily practice, makes a very big difference.

I went to our local parcel pick up point and collected a litre of hand sanitiser/disinfectant that I'd ordered over the net. It's impossible to find it anywhere and I felt like I was exposing myself to more risk running from shop to shop - defeating the object somewhat! It's made from the pure spring water of the far north of Sweden, is 75% alcohol, moisturising and free from perfume. That suggests health and wellbeing! I'm getting ready for the onslaught that we hope to avoid. The signs are that the spread is slowing down significantly, by the end of next week there will be more clarity on the amount of herd immunity that has built up, at least around Stockholm. Where I live there still isn't a lot of anything going on... yet. And 2669 people have died, so any talk of success is inappropriate to say the least. I found listening to the PM of the UK hard work and very much out of place, so I will pack that in.

It has rained for 36 hours solid, very, very heavy rain which has left standing water all over the place as the ground underneath the surface is still frozen. I splashes my way up to my work room... But I guess the hen poo is now washed into the flower beds and there is remarkable, visible growth since yesterday. It is a wonderful time of year, life returning - and how! So much birdsong, deers wandering by, geese and cranes and swans in the air and on the lake. And green shoots in the chilly soil, leaves budding in the trees.

We are watching cultural things on the internet this evening, one of the great joys of this period, and tomorrow my sister-in-law will send us a meditation to start doing, one of ten I think. I'm enjoying having nothing in my diary, or hardly anything, and having time to indulge in whatever takes my fancy. As I'm retired, you'd think that was always the case, but this period of isolation is showing me that it isn't. Interesting. 

I was singing the praises of blip to two friends yesterday, it is fascinating to read journals from all over the planet and hear how life is, how it's different, where the delights lie. Wishing you all well!

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