Gloria's journal

By Gloriapatricia

Happy 6th Blipday to me

Wow, those 6 years went fast! 2014...February it was actually that my niece PhilippaJ persuaded me to join. I've missed a few days since thenwhen I just can't think of anything to blip but not many.

A few weeks after I posted my first blip I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn't include this health information in my journals until several months later after all the treatment and when I got the all clear. But by then I had gained great feelings of friendship, support and confidence throughout that difficult time as I got to know other people who posted ever day.

6 years on and it's a way of life. My son and daughter in law are occasional blippers, other family members and friends are regular blippers too. But it is my new blipper friends that I want to give a special Thank you.
Some of you I follow because you take amazing photos, some because you make me laugh, others have wonderful pets...cats and dogs. I feel there are those that that if I met you we would have amazing conversations....films, flowers, food or just plain fun! And you come from all over the world! Thank you all and here's to many more years of Blipfoto and friendship.

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