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By HarlingDarling

Far too hard to choose

I had a slow start, listened to the radio and commented on blip, did yoga with Keith and had a bit of yoghurt - then we went to church in Oasis Waterloo, their Global Gathering. I really like the focus the church has on community work, lots of outreach and lots of warmly welcoming newcomers. Then I caught up with Sutton Coldfield Baptists and saw pictures of people I knew in the prayers. Lovely. Sobering to see there were prayers today for several people who have lost loved ones.

Meditated today with an app by Deepak Chopra, and followed it up with a list of the people who have influenced my life. It had to be at least 50 names, I got to 90odd and stopped. Since then I have remembered a few more, the theme of this meditation practice is "Abundance" - ok, ok, I got the point!! Abundance and gratitude for it. There was the task of looking out for abundance everywhere today, which was very easy.

In one extra you can see the new growth that has popped up with the torrential rain in the last day and a half, amazing! In the other not just one Great Spotted Woodpecker (as so often) but two! I could have taken a photo of the big fat Jay, and any number of tits, but the woodpeckers won.

It was supposed to be a lovely day today but as we set off to have a walk the heavens opened and drenching rain fell, I can run quite fast when I need to! Sheltered till it stopped and set off again, down to the lake and the ultra-soggy fields. Seagulls on the lake, identified as Little Gulls when we got home, as well as a pair of swans and some Canada geese. We saw lapwings and plovers too. Spring, with all her abundance, is definitely on the way!

I made a lovely new recipe for tea, Ukrainian borsch. Recipe without a T, apparently. Found it on T'Internet, it was rather faffy with two different pans for a while - but the end result was delicious! But aren't you fasting, I hear someone say? Yes, day seven. I drink a cup of the stock and have a very little of the solid stuff. And it's enough, I'm feeling fine - even minus the explosive energy needed for hill climbing! Hope you are all well and ready for whatever the coming week brings.

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