Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Gin Time

So, it's a holiday weekend and we're due a slight relaxation of coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday. We old people will be formally permitted to step outside the confines of our homes and stretch out ancient legs (avoiding contact with anybody in the process, of course), while our more favoured fellow citizens can travel up to 5km rather than 2 from their homes.

On a beautiful day like today it was no great hardship just to sit in the sun and take things easy. Indeed, I didn't even do any gardening today, which is a huge change. Just sat there. Coffee and sandwiches first, then sit and watch the world go by, then pick some weeds just because they were right beside me and I could stay in the chair and just bend over to get rid of them … and then a treat: a very very nice gin & tonic. Richly deserved.

I've done some back-blipping. Here, here and here.

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