Steve Kirkham

By SteveKirkham


Whilst I'm in hospital I'm still getting my dialysis some things never change, but themethod does.

Since arrival on Saturday I was on manual exchange. A short process where fluid was drained then replaced 4 timesc aday with the fluid staying inside me.

Now I'm back connected to the machine all night while 2 litres of dialysis fluid, water, salt, and other additives, are pumped into my peritoneim, left to sit there for around 90 minutes, it is then drained out and another w litres pumped in. This happens 5 times over a 9 hour period.

Until I came in here that was it.

Now and for the foreseeable future, after the 5th cycle has drained as much fluid as it can, the bag of 2.5 litres us pumped in a stays there all day, when its is drained and the whole cycle begins again.

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