Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess


Not really a competition-winning photo, but it's my first this year of any baby creatures (I'm really missing lambs in particular). I learned that the Union Canal cygnets had hatched a few days ago, so decided it was time to check on the Blackford Pond swans. Mum swan was on the nest although fidgetting a bit, and dad was swimming about, some way away from the island where the nest is.

There were a number of mallards but I had been at the pond for a while before I saw these ducklings: there were three altogether.

Otherwise there were a couple of coots, also a couple of moorhens, here's hoping they will nest. The lesser black backed gulls were around in force and keen to get any bread on offer.

There weren't a huge number of people at the pond so I felt reasonably happy about staying for a while to see what was going on. I will go back soon to check on the swans.

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