By TrishaR


Photos of these past weeks are becoming repetitive! Dog, husband, empty streets and some historical photos...

I buy a newspaper on a Sunday that can read till the following week so we walked to m and S for it and wandered down the side of the river. Love river life. There were two swans diving for food, a grebe or something diving right under and signs of beaver across the other side where they had gnawed at a tree. Not seen it yet but there is a resident otter that lives near the old bridge. Thankful for the river as it’s great to walk along.

Bought a pudding as an excuse to drop off at the gang so we could have a chat. Ben’s hair is so long he has put a band round the fringe e so it sticks straight up LOL!! They we’re away to play the board game Metro which we played as a family many times - miss this....

Afternoon was spent gardening....

And that was Sunday !

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