MonoMonday: Low Light

Two adults are now allowed to visit so Helen and Omar are here. 
We have two dwellings at the farm so we can maintain distance, as we did with dinner. We ate outside by a fire pit and I had separate servers, condiments etc. Quite a new take on a dinner party.
As you can see the light was low so I used a high ISO and slow shutter speed. Everyone stayed still except the dog and the fire.

The extra is a classic low light image. It is from the camera set up by our pig trap, activated by movement. This was taken about 10pm the night before but we got him last night :-) 
I don't know anything about the camera. Our neighbour lent it to us but it does a good job. If you look closely you can just see his tusks. From a post mortem examination I was amazed to feel how sharp they were - like the point of a knife. It's no wonder these creatures will rip you to pieces given half a chance.

Thanks Carolina for an interesting month of mono themes.

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