By memento

Scheduling conflict

I say the green babies are ready to go in the ground, the weather says they're not. Since I've been nurturing over 400 plants from seed since late March, I'm not about to let them freeze now. For a few more days, it's inside, outside, inside, outside.......

I would go a bit nuts right now if I didn't have so many tiny, needy things requiring my attention, or the new season with my gardening guru, Monty Don to turn to once a week. The steady stream of freelance work has dried up for now but that's ok. I realize I'm one of the lucky ones.

Mr. M did the masked grocery run at 6 am and I did the rubbing alcohol wipe-down, which takes longer than the grocery run itself.

Still no toilet paper anywhere to be found but the leaves on the nasturtium seedlings are getting quite large and they are oh-so-soft. The hollyhock leaves on the other hand.....

Stay healthy and sane, everyone. ♥ 

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