By wellsforzoe

90th Birthday Gift

22 April 2020:

The installation was good and people gathered in their numbers to witness the installation. They dug a small pond where they were drawing water for cooking and drinking. People in this village were very happy to have clean water in the village. People in this area a poor but they find money by fishing and others through farming but they produce little because they cannot afford to buy fertilizer. We have told them the goodness of trephosia and many of them were interested and they will plant this coming growing season.


District: Nkhatabay
Area: Sanga
Village: Chigowo
Distance from factory:  55 kilometres
Depth of well:  3.62meters
Former water source:  Pond
Furthest from well:  126metres
Number served:  141
Preschool:  10mins
Primary school:  20minutes
Secondary school: 1hours

S: 11 43 46
E: 34 17 14

Major Manda: 0991212370

Paschal Scanlan on His 90th birthday skerries co Dublin Ireland
Pump Number


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