Life from a City

By LeggeAngie

Through the Window

May the Fourth be with You!

But no Star Wars shot today. I was working from home, and at one point realised that one of the houses I could see from the window had rainbows in the window. I had seen they had children, on one of the Thursday evening claps - but today noticed rainbows in the window, so I thought I would take a picture.

Started work at 7:30am, and had a productive day. My daughter got up around 11:30am, not feeling well. She has felt sick the last couple of days, but seems to be just abdominal. Had leftover cauliflower biryani for lunch, couple more online meetings, including some leadership training for the middle management in the team. Then was working on a Strategy. My son then wanted to go through his camera settings to work out how to enhance or reduce the colour when he takes the shot. He's getting ready to do a short film for sixth form.

When I finished work, I did a few minutes sanding, just to move it on a little more. Then made my daughter a Quorn burger and cheese.

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