Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Mono Monday: Low Light

I woke up this morning before G! I guess things are finally settling down with the online lessons!

My entry to View From My Window got published today which I was surprised about because I read they had such a huge backlog of entries to moderate. I've been looking at views from some windows in there which are stunning, so didn't think mine would count for much, but it's contributing to a record.

G has found an amazing online bible study and we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon first trying to get it on the TV screen from her iPad, and then watching it from my laptop. It always amazes me how much time gets lost with technology!

And we ventured out before Iftar to shop for groceries. Something that hasn't been done for nearly two weeks! There are still restrictions on going out here. Poor G got asked how old she was when she entered the mall. Hmmm.

PS. It was GREAT to be reminded of this from 2014 by OneDrive!

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