If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Crab Apple Blossom (Malus sylvestris)

In the corner of the garden behind the squirrel feeder is a Crab Apple tree.  It must be quite old as it was here when we moved in and a mature tree then.  I suspect it was part of the hedge of the original field.  Currently it is covered in blossom and assuming the bees do a good job it will crop well in the autumn.   It usually does.

I am told that the apples make a wonderful jelly, I wouldn't know.   Ours are exported to Edinburgh where Katkatkat has fun making apple wine.  I tend to choose my blips on a "can I repeat that shot basis".  Clearly most shots are repeatable but the blossom is getting past its best so I thought I had better blip it today.

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