Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Every so often I take a photo of the bridge construction a mile south of us…just to document it.  there was a lot going on today it seemed ..all those lines, angles, shapes and colors do appeal to me.  the yellow boom and broom blipped 2 days ago was just to the right.   H saw this picture and said “it’s YOU—cram jam full of too much stuff - there’s even a boat in it.”   Might have to look large to see it all sharp.    

I did work a little bit on about 4 different projects today and also took 2 shorter walks.  Now I have to figure out a meal. I already used up my kitchen time with making egg salad for lunch.:-)

Extra:  Facetime with the other family …going in my Covid Spring album.   I had all 4 in on my iPad for a photo but they were using Nik’s phone so I guess that’s why this shape.  But you can appreciate the need for a barber here for those 2 teenagers for whom hair style is so important!     I think they are doing OK but this parenting/working/homeschooling thing is not getting any easier, with no help. All the parents say there's too much coming from the schools and teachers to keep track of. Forget anything else Nanna might find online. 

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