Today was Lex's birthday, so I started off the day singing happy birthday to her on the phone.  I also sent her an E-card that I made, which she loved.

The cleaners were here today and they brought me a branch of camellia blossoms.  Having no vase of appropriate size, I decided to put them in this mug which has my "perfect rose" photo from my first year on Blip.

After the cleaners left I was able to get some cooking done before my energy ran out, which always feels good.  So I will have some baked chicken for dinner for a few days, as I'm getting tired of meatloaf.  I had planned to make another meatloaf, but the ground turkey was the item I forgot to get in my grocery delivery so it will have to wait until I shop again.

Our weather is really starting to heat up -the forecast is for upper 70's and even over 80 for later in the week (normal is 62.).  So tomorrow I will be dusting the blades of my ceiling fans getting ready for that.  I hope all of you remain comfortable in your homes and gardens as our sheltering in place continues.

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