A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

More Lockdown Projects

This morning I finished painting my log cabin. When I say finish I'm not able to paint the back because there is a nest in a climbing bush that is in my way. As it was I had to lift the honeysuckle that drapes off the roof to access one side.

This afternoon I sat outside and upcycled a part of a leather car seat to make a nice steering wheel cover for Matilda (see extras). The steering wheel I put it on was specially made for me, it has a thicker rim so I can hold it better. This new cover is the icing on the cake. Having to hand sew with a special needle and waxed thread did challenge my hands but it will be worth any after-effects I may have. 

Tonight I have two Zoom meetings at the same time. One I will open and hand over hosting as the other is an invite from chantler63 to watch her photo club using Zoom for a full competition, something my club will need to do when we start again. 

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