Life Savors

By osuzanna

Jumping Spider

I was tickled pink to get a shot of this jumping spider on the peony bud.  I have seen them blipped but I have never actually seen one in real life and I was amazed at how they can jump with such accuracy from bud to bud. It seemed to be a perfect entry for Tiny Tuesday, hosted this month by WRPerry.  

I have been avoiding the news each day except for a brief overview in the evening.  I am so appalled at all the premature reopenings and the lack of understanding of and total lack of regard for how contagious diseases spread.   We here in the U.S. have a very bleak future ahead of us. Fortunately, Maryland is still shut down as our numbers are still rising. Good news from Down Under, though.  Both New Zealand and Australia have managed to blunt their outbreaks so much so that they will soon be able to form their own "travel bubble." Well done!  

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