By iaint


As it is so often, Tuesday has been much better than Monday. 

I slept well. A good start. Bedtime stories about motorbike trips around South American seem to be more soothing than ones about atrocities in the Caucasus.

I was out and away to Lidl at 8am. I was about to run out of coffee. I remembered my face covering - it is not a mask. My guess is 50% of the customers did the same. A notable exception was a local councillor who is over 70 and should know better. He was a bit shocked when I spoke to him, and then he recognised the voice. 

Work was work, but I had more energy and was more productive. The Boss was away in Parliament, so I got no new cases and caught up a bit. Actually, I was so energetic and productive I forgot to look in on things on Scottish Parliament TV. A new consumer rights bill was getting its 3rd stage debate, so hopefully it got passed. Usually the arguments are finished before 3rd stage. 

No work tomorrow! I volunteered to work on Friday instead of Wednesday. I’ll let you guess why. 

The Blip is the view from Lidl’s car park at 8am. 

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