By jennym999

Alexander Pope

Day 48 - cycled to Chiswick and crossed the Thames four times...Twickenham Bridge, Chiswick Bridge, Hammersmith Bridge( being repaired so closed to motor traffic) and Richmond Bridge. Blue plaque for Alexander Pope(1688 -1744) the poet, above the Masons Arms Pub in Chiswick, adjacent to the Great West Road ( lots of traffic on that and the A316 today). When Pope was 12 he suffered a debilitating illness and never grew above 4ft 6in, was afflicted with a hunchback and throughout his life had to wear bodices to support his weakened spine. After living in Mawsons building in 1719 he moved to Twickenham where he stayed for the rest of his life living in Popes Villa( post of 22nd March). There is a pub in Twickenham, previously called the Popes Grotto which is now called the Alexander Pope Hotel.

- got out some summer clothes and put away some winter jumpers
- sorted out all the bike bits in the garage and out different seat in new bike
- talked to elderly aunt on the phone

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